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A Meal for Two: You and Your Microbes

Main Stage, 12p

The microbial community living in our intestines weighs as much as our brain and appears to be associated with almost all aspects of health. How can we encourage the growth of healthy gut bugs and in turn promote our overall health? Come learn about your gut microbes, and how to feed them! You’ll learn how different dietary components might modulate the microbial community growing in our intestine, how our overall health depends on a healthy gut community, and factors in addition to diet that help determine one’s gut flora. This interactive discussion will encourage audience members to share and draw from their own knowledge to learn.

Coffee and Fermentation: How Fermentation Contributes to Flavor

Demo Stage, 12p

The world of coffee is full of diverse flavors! Did you know coffee processing typically contains a step where coffee is fermented? Learn how fermentation can contribute or enhance the flavors naturally occurring within coffee, and taste the difference among different coffees from Cafe Virtuoso.

[Keynote Panel] Microbiome Innovation: Revolutionizing our Understanding of the Microbial World

Main Stage, 1p

Speakers: Dr. Julia Gauglitz, Dr. Daniel McDonald, Dr. Rob Knight, UC San Diego

Rob, Daniel and Julia will each give a brief introduction to their respective projects: the UC San Diego’s Center for Microbiome Innovation, the Earth Microbiome Project, the American Gut Project, and the Global FoodOmics Project. Then they will field questions from the audience. Be sure to attend this to ask questions directly to some of the leading scientific minds in the world about our Microbiome!

Intro to Cheesemaking, What is Cheese?

Demo Stage, 2p

Larry Stein

What makes up milk? And how we get from there to such a variety of wonderful cheeses. Larry Stein of Queso Diego will dip your toe in the ocean of cheese-dom (not literally, of course)!

Cider Gone Wild! Exploring Craft Cider

Main Stage, 2p

Brian Trout

Let’s delve into the natural wildness of this ancient fermented beverage enjoyed around the world. We will delve into the rich past and vibrant present of craft cider as we journey with our old friend, the apple.Let’s delve into the natural wildness of this ancient fermented beverage enjoyed around the world. We will delve into the rich past and vibrant present of craft cider as we journey with our old friend, the apple.

Behind the Bugs: Yeast and Bacteria in Fermentation

Erik Fowler

Our everyday diet consists of many fermented goods and fermentation byproducts. From yogurt and bread to coffee beans and alcoholic beverages these items contribute a good deal to what we consume. This talk is focused on the similarities and differences between food and beverage fermentation through the yeast and bacteria behind these consumables. You’ll learn how these organisms contribute flavor, aroma, texture, alcohol and acid.

How to Make your Microbes Happy for Optimal Gut Health

Demo Stage, 3p

Lauren Mones

Stress, and our relationship with stress, is a leading factor in gut health. Although it is is inevitable, how you manage stress in your life can be a big factor in having optimal gut health or not. Join Lauren to learn how stress can adversely affect your microbiome.

You will learn two practices that can help you better manage stress so that your digestion is optimal and your gut microbes continue to stay happy!

Oh Mead ,Oh My! Ten Must Know Tips for Both Novice & Expert Mead Makers

Main Stage, 4p

Mead, a delicious alcoholic beverage made from honey, was the world’s most popular beverage throughout most of recorded history and has recently found its way back into mainstream popularity. Making mead at home can be easy and very similar to making beer or wine, yet there are some important differences as well.

During this presentation we will focus on modern mead making tips and techniques that every mead maker needs to know whether they are making it for the first time or they are a seasoned expert. You’ll leave inspired and ready to try your hand at making the world’s original craft beverage.

Introduction to Kombucha Fermentation 

Demo Stage, 4p

Eric and Adi, founders of Kombucha Culture will take us into the world of kombucha– what is in this fermented tea tonic, why is it good for us. They will also unravel the biology of symbiotic fermentation, and touch upon the importance of pre- and probiotics on our human gut microbiome. Then they will do a demo of how to make kombucha at home!

Get Cultured with Fermentation on Wheels [Culture Swap]

Fermentation on Wheels is a traveling educational hub with a mission to bridge communities, inspire sustainability, and teach fermentation. Join Tara and your community on the bus for tours, tastings, and fermentation talk!

Have you ever been curious about kombucha, water kefir, sourdough starter, and other starter cultures but you’re unsure where to start once you have the culture at hand? Fear not, dear Fermenter! This year we have Fermentation on Wheels hosting a starter culture swap.

The founder Tara Whitsitt will keep her doors open for tours of her bus — filled with fermentation literature and funky foods — as well as offering loads of knowledge to get you started and keep you confident with your newly acquired starters. She will also have copies of her recently released book, Fermentation on Wheels: Road Stories, Food Ramblings, and 50 Do-It-Yourself Recipes from Sauerkraut, Kombucha, and Yogurt to Miso, Tempeh, and Mead, which covers a full array of starter cultures that will be available from the swap.

Pickling for Kids (Age 4-12)

2:30p, Coastal Roots Farm Booth, next to Bus

There are many tiny beings that live all around us, too small to see. Learn about which ones make food go bad and which ones turn food into delicious pickles! In this workshop we will create the perfect home for those good tiny beings so that they can transform our veggies into tasty pickles! This workshop will meet at the Coastal Roots Farm tent, travel to the farm for a visit and then finish back in the tent.

Exploring Funky Ferments (Age 2-6)

12p, coastal Roots Farm Booth, next to Bus

Let’s admit it, fermentation is basically magic! Bring your young ones to come explore the magical, the funky and the just-plain weird players that are responsible for fermenting so much delicious food. Be prepared to touch a SCOBY, smell different phases of fermentation, listen to carbonation, look at some funky molds, and taste something delicious!

Compost Tour with Coastal Roots Farm

Meet at Coastal Roots Farm Booth, next to Bus

Did you know that 40% of the nation’s food ends up in landfills, producing methane – a gas 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide in its contributions to the greenhouse effect? Composting is becoming an increasingly critical tool in slowing or reversing climate change. At Coastal Roots Farm we are experimenting with a variety of approaches to recycling food waste, including deep litter compost, food waste to animal feed, vermicompost, and Aerated Static Pile composting. Come on a walk and talk Q&A to learn more about the integrated animal and compost systems at Coastal Roots Farm! The tour will last 45 minutes and will involve walking close to half a mile over semi-rugged terrain. Bring a hat and water bottle, and feel free to come with questions!

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