Farm Activities hosted by Coastal Roots Farm!

Coastal Roots Farm is a nonprofit community farm and education center in Encinitas. We cultivate healthy, connected communities by integrating sustainable agriculture, food justice, and ancient Jewish wisdom.

We are delighted to partner with them to offer farm and gardening-related programming!

All these programs will depart from the Coastal Roots Farm Booth (see program for exact location).

Farm Tours

This 30-minute tour begins with an introduction to Coastal Roots Farm’s mission and vision. Walking through the vegetable farm, we’ll highlight the Farm Stand, our sustainable agriculture practices, a brief overview of Jewish agricultural tradition, and of course, a special visit with our heritage chickens.

Pickling for Kids (Age 4-12)

There are many tiny beings that live all around us, too small to see. Learn about which ones make food go bad and which ones turn food into delicious pickles! In this workshop we will create the perfect home for those good tiny beings so that they can transform our veggies into tasty pickles! This workshop will meet at the Coastal Roots Farm tent, travel to the farm for a visit and then finish back in the tent.



Exploring Funky Ferments (Age 2-6)

Let’s admit it, fermentation is basically magic! Bring your young ones to come explore the magical, the funky and the just-plain weird players that are responsible for fermenting so much delicious food. Be prepared to touch a SCOBY, smell different phases of fermentation, listen to carbonation, look at some funky molds, and taste something delicious!



Compost Tour with Coastal Roots Farm

Did you know that 40% of the nation’s food ends up in landfills, producing methane – a gas 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide in its contributions to the greenhouse effect? Composting is becoming an increasingly critical tool in slowing or reversing climate change. At Coastal Roots Farm we are experimenting with a variety of approaches to recycling food waste, including deep litter compost, food waste to animal feed, vermicompost, and Aerated Static Pile composting. Come on a walk and talk Q&A to learn more about the integrated animal and compost systems at Coastal Roots Farm! The tour will last 45 minutes and will involve walking close to half a mile over semi-rugged terrain. Bring a hat and water bottle, and feel free to come with questions!

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