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Step 1: Select your booth size and location:

Food Trucks/Prepared Foods: The fee for food trucks and prepared food makers is 15% of your gross sales for the day, to be collected before load-out at 5:00 (at the end of the Festival.)

DO NOT SELECT this if you are a maker who is simply SAMPLING and selling pre-packaged foods.

Makers Marketplace: Sample and sell goods and services.

Note: If you are sampling food, you MUST have a current temporary food facility (TFF) permit issued by San Diego County in order to sample food or non-alcoholic beverages. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • 10’x10′ (most common): You supply your own popup tent, tables and chairs to furnish your booth
  • 6′ in shared tent: For smaller businesses; we set you up inside a large (usually 20’x20′ or 20’x40′) shared tent
  • 10’x20′: If you’re looking for extra space for your booth

Ambrosia Garden (21+), 10’x10′ space: An area for makers to sample taster-sized alcoholic beverages. Guests with the Ambrosia ticket are entitled to 10 tasters and a keeper glass. If you are willing to donate what you pour, we will waive the booth fee. You provide canopy, table and chairs

If applicable, we encourage you to apply for a temporary Wine Sales Event Permit (off sale or closed bottle sales) license.

Add-Ons available:

  • Ice Service
  • Electricity Service
  • Additional tables and chairs rental

NEW! Passport Program

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Additional information

Booth Size

10'x10' Makers Marketplace, 6' table in shared tent, Food Truck/Prepared Foods (15% Gross), 10'x20' Makers Marketplace, 10'x10' Ambrosia Garden (alcoholic beverages- Fee waived if donating pours)