Wellness is about more than just your gut! At the Festival, we offer yoga, reiki, sound healing and acupuncture sessions throughout the day. These are first-come, first served group classes being offered by gifted and generous local healers. Namaste!

Check back again soon, as we are still adding more and more wellness options!

Yoga for your Gut

In this gentle and restorative, gut-centered, yoga class offered twice during the Festival, learn how to stretch, breath, and even chant to nurture gut health, improve third chakra flow and aid digestion in this special, healing, for-every-one with a stomach, yoga class!



Reiki Meditation for Second and Third Chakra Balance


Lay back and receive Reiki (energy healing) blanking all of your chakras, but focused on your second and third chakras as Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher Shawna Schenk will discuss the energy associated with the digestive parts of the body and it what it means for the aura and our emotions.

Shawna Schenk, the founder and creator of San Diego Yoga Festival (coming up March 2-4) and is a San Diego yoga teacher, Reiki master, author, and spiritual activist leading classes, workshops, teacher trainings, retreats, and festivals throughout the world. She has created a 7 teacher trainings and authored a number of books including “Yoga for Teens.” She has also founded the first free beach yoga movement in San Diego in three different beach towns, every day, sometimes offering up to 3 classes a day.





Gong Immersion Jam



Sit in lotus pose or observe with some kombucha while a tribe of gongs relax, nourish and attune your energy with the vibrations and sounds of the Seven Chakras and Qi of the Five Elements. Listen as the dolphins and whales sound as the harmonic wind dances within you. Align your Qi (energy) with the harmony of the music of the spheres.


Ken Goff

Ken is a Gong Empath/Whisperer, Certified Massage Therapist, (AAS, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Certified Yoga Instructor, (POTH) and Reiki Master, Level 3. His experience/training and intuit capabilities connects the cleansing/balancing and renewal aspects of sound therapy (gongs) with an intention chosen by those who immerse in the vibrations/sounds of gongs. The result; balance, awareness, discovery. Join Ken at the Wellness Pavilion to journey within and refresh your spirit.