Demos & Presentations

Knowledge is one of the pillars of our fermentation community. We have some amazing discussions and workshops planned to teach you a wide variety of subjects, from the human microbiome, to how fermentation is used to transform food, to how make the best probiotic foods and beverages at home! The presentations and demos will take place on two different stages.

Kombucha Brewing 101

Christy Rumbaugh

Discover the magic of small batch kombucha brewing with Christy, founder of bless·ed booch. Learn kombucha brewing basics, explore creative flavor design, and have all of your burning ‘booch questions answered!

Panel: Fermentation and the Microbiome

Speakers: Dr. Julia Gauglitz, Dr. Daniel McDonald, Dr. Justin Shaffer, UC San Diego

Daniel, Julia and Justin give an overview on the state of microbiome and metabolomic research, followed by a panel discussion, when they will be taking questions from the audience.

Pickling for Kids (Age 2-12)

Bring your young ones to come explore the magical, the funky and the just-plain weird players that are responsible for fermenting so much delicious food. There are many tiny beings that live all around us, too small to see. Learn about which ones make food go bad and which ones turn food into delicious pickles! In this workshop we will create the perfect home for those good tiny beings so that they can transform our veggies into tasty pickles!

Chevre and Beyond: Intro to Cheesemaking

Larry Stein

People have been making cheese for thousands of years. If they can do it, so can you! This presentation will show you all you need to know to get started on a fun journey of making cheese at home. Larry will demonstrate how to make a chevre style cheese, and tell you where to go from there. You’ll be able to amaze and impress your friends and family in no time!

Culinary Uses for Brine: Recipes & Inspiration

Did you know that in any veggie fermentation, microbes inhabit not only the vegetables? They’re in the fermenting brine too!

This presentation will show you the culinary possibilities of the salty, probiotic-rich “liquid leftovers!” Salad dressings, dips, cocktail mixes, marinades, salsas, tapenades, recovery shots, and more!

Jessica of Edible Alchemy will take you through recipes and inspiration on using brine, showing you how to humbly save dollars and billions and billions of lives (microbial lives, that is!)

Sauerkraut Success

Austin dons a Poop Hat to talk about good gut health!

You’ve packed your “pet jar” with soon-to-be sauerkraut at the Festival. How do you care for it during its fermentation? Listen to pro tips and tricks from Austin to make sure everything goes well with your new microbial universe! ?



Is CBD the Phyto-medicine of the Future?

Founders of M Kombucha in Carlsbad

M Kombucha was the first to introduce cannabidiol (CBD)-enriched kombucha to the California market. Founders Adi and Eric will give an overview of CBD and its health benefits, CBD and the human endocannabinoid system, and will answer questions about this promising new (yet ancient) natural compound.

Soil Biology and Natural Farming

Steven Cornett, Nature’s Always Right

Natural farming and soil biology is the future of agriculture and health! Learn about the amazing connection between human health, the soil food web, and natural farming. Regenerative farming uses no-till methods that focus on creating the healthiest soil, plants, and animals possible by mimicking natural systems.

Buzzworthy Microbes

Erik Fowler

Ever wonder how alcohol, flavor and bubbles are produced in beverage fermentation? We will dive into the microscopic world of yeast and bacteria to discover how these organisms turn sugar into complexity, effervescence and alcohol. Looking at beer, wine, cider kombucha and mead we’ll discuss alcoholic fermentations and how to best achieve clean flavors by selecting the best suited microorganisms. Join Erik in a look into the magic of fermentation!

DIY Science: Test your Gut Instinct!

Vineet Pandy

Learn how to design and run experiments with people from around the world by using Gut Instinct – a platform for citizen-led experimentation developed by UCSD researchers. Gut Instinct has been used by over 600 people from 30 countries to create novel hypotheses, design experiments to test their intuitions, and replicate known results.

Brew School’d

Finest City Improv Presents BrewSchool’d! Three very questionable craft beer “geniuses”, and one guy who really knows his brews are taking you to school.

Our panel of craft beer “experts” will teach you all you need to know about craft breweries while you drink, laugh, and learn along with them. Luckily for us all, we also include the real brew master of the brewery to give us the straight scoop on each tasting. You’ll learn about the beers they brew and anything else you want to ask them.

Do you love well-crafted session beers? Do you love laughing? So do we! Come get “school’d” with us! Just try not to shoot IPA out your nose.

Farm Tour

11:45a, 3:30p, Meet at Coastal Roots Farm Booth in the Makers Marketplace

This 30-minute tour begins with an introduction to Coastal Roots Farm’s mission and vision. Walking through the vegetable farm, we’ll highlight the Farm Stand, our sustainable agriculture practices, a brief overview of Jewish agricultural tradition, and of course, a special visit with our heritage chickens.

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