Our festival is proud to showcase some of San Diego’s finest live musical performers!


Fast Heart Mart Band (11a-1p)

Hold on tight for Fast Heart Mart’s banjo fast banjo songs, laugh at his funny story songs and contemplate the sad ones.

Established in 1999, Fast Heart Mart’s message is to encourage the world to follow their bliss and live life passionately. From old time country to modern rock, to story telling rap and back to punky-bluegrass, Fast Heart Mart wins over any audience with his music and crowd heckling stage banter.

Born Martin Stamper, he became “Fast Heart Mart” when he passed out and died a few times and was finally diagnosed with a heart condition that makes his heart fibrillate or race. Don’t worry, he now has a defibrillator that shocks his heart back into beating and he can keep singing songs about questioning the system, spirituality, and other fascinating things!

Originally from Virginia, Fast Heart Mart lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 14 years, then in August of 2013 he moved to San Diego, CA where he is currently happily residing.

Symbiotic Culture (1p-3p)

Symbiotic Culture at 2018 Festival

Symbiotic Culture is presented by the creative members of Living Tea Kombucha. An original band of brothers in ‘booch performing original tunes geared towards the traditional & alternative. An ever-morphing sound and vibration that keeps the festival grooving!



Coral Bells (3p-5p)

Coral Bells is a folk and roll tribe of Southern California beach dwellers specializing in 1960s covers and Indie-Americana originals. Coral Bells has been entertaining the Festival crowd for three years in a row! 



Jake Jarz & The Bog Bus (Throughout)

Live Music on Wheels: Van Jam

Over the past year, Jake has been building his life around travel and music. These two passions have led to the creation of a customized mobile home/music venue. He lives on the road full time, sharing his one-man-band performance wherever possible. As a multi instrumentalist, Jake experiments with spontaneous live looping, playing with genres of delta blues, garage rock, and psychedelic groove.